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"Glock: The Rise of America's Gun"

Paul Barrett

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Paul Barrett, assistant managing editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, reports on the creation and ubiquitous use of the Glock pistol, now used by two-thirds of American police departments.  The gun, designed by an Austrian curtain-rod manufacturer, Gaston Glock, in 1982, was embrace by American police, who sought greater force than their standard issue six-round revolvers.  The Glock can fire up to seventeen bullets without reloading and is mostly composed of plastic.  Paul Barrett speaks at BookCourt in Brooklyn, New York.

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Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett is the author of The Good Black: A True Story of Race in America and American Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion.  He is an assistant managing editor of Bloomsberg Businessweek.  For more information, visit

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"Glock: The Rise of America's Gun"

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